Page 1: Improving access to higher education outreach in the North East

The North East Collaborative Outreach Programme (NECOP) is a collaboration of all the universities, FE Colleges in the North East region. Institutions are working together to deliver a targeted programme of information and support relating to higher education options in the North East. This activity is part of the National Collaborative Outreach Programme funded by the Office for Students (OfS). Details of the National Collaborative Outreach Programme can be found here:

As part of Office for Students’ National Collaborative Outreach Programme all universities and colleges in the North East are working together to develop a platform for teachers and advisers across the region. The platform will deliver support and guidance in relation to higher education and facilitate access to outreach for schools. The platform will also host a signposting website that will be used by teachers and advisers to find out about higher education that could benefit their students.

In order to ensure this meets the needs of teachers and advisers in the region we would like to hear your views, Please complete the questions below. If you would like any further information, or to provide any further feedback, please email

Understanding Higher Education Outreach

1.1. I understand what is meant by the term higher education outreach. Required
2.2. I understand the importance of higher education outreach. Required
3.3. I understand what is meant by the term widening participation in education. Required
4.4. Progression to higher education is a priority in my school/institution. Required
5.5. I understand the range of higher education options and their entry routes. Required

Accessing Higher Education Outreach

6.6. I understand where to look for higher education outreach activities. Required
7.7. I can find activities to suit the needs of all my students. Required
8.8. I understand where to look for CPD opportunities. Required
9.9. I find it easy to arrange opportunities for my students. Required
10.10. I access outreach opportunities from a range of providers. Required

Supporting You

14.14. I would use a website that hosted details of all higher education outreach in one place. Required
15.15. I would benefit from information about the higher education offer in the region. Required
16.16. My school needs help evidencing the Gatsby Benchmarks. Required

Keep in touch?

c.21.c. Do you consent to being contacted by the North East Collaborative Outreach Programme to discuss your answers in more detail? Your data will not be shared with anyone outside of the NECOP Central Team or used for any other purpose. You can withdraw consent at any time by emailing If you do so your data will be deleted and you will receive no further correspondence. Required