Page 1: Tell us what you think about the Indebted Life game

We'd love to know what you think of the Indebted Life game. All contributions are anonymous.

Why your feedback is important to us

Your feedback will help us to measure the impact of the research that informs the game. 

How your feedback will be used

The feedback you provide may be used in a case study to support the development of Newcastle University's submission to the REF 2021. The information will be used by reviewers to assess the submission, which informs the quality assessment and therefore the University's allocation of available funding. 

Your feedback will be anonymous - we will not know who you are.

Please download a copy of the full privacy statement, which includes details of the information we process, how the information will be used, and who will share the information.

1.1. Did you find the game helpful?
3.3. Did the game make you think differently about the process of taking out a loan?
4.4. Has the game changed how you think about managing money using your mobile phone or other personal device?
5.5. Have you applied for or used high-cost short-term credit (e.g. payday loans) in the past?
6.6. Would you consider taking out a high-cost short-term loan in the future?