Page 1: Climate Change Catastrophe (CCC!) evaluation

Hello my name is Ulrike Thomas and I am a researcher at Newcastle University

I am evaluating the Climate Change Catastrophe! (CCC!) project that pupils from 10 primary schools took part in during January -March 2021. I would like to find out what you thought of the show that was made using the pupils’ ideas about climate change. To do this I have created a short survey which will take 1-2 minutes to complete. I will use the information from all of the surveys to write a report for Cap-a-Pie Theatre Company and the engineers at Newcastle University who created the Climate Change Catastrophe! project.

I do not need any personal information about you or your family i.e. names, contact details etc. The answers you provide will be anonymously stored on Newcastle University’s servers in password protected files that can only be accessed by me.

Completing the survey is voluntary and can be stopped at any point.

My contact details and data protection information can be found at the end of the survey.

1.1. Please select from the following: Required

Questions about the show

2.2. I enjoyed the Climate Change Catastrophe! show Required
3.3. The  show explained what climate change is Required
4.4. The show explained what causes climate change Required
5.5. The show explained the science about climate change in a way that was easy to understand
6.6. The show gave me ideas for ways that I can help tackle climate change Required
7.7. It is important that children learn about climate change Required
8.8. Using children’s ideas to create a show about climate change is a good way to get the message across Required
9.9. The show looked professional Required
10.10. I will recommend the show to my friends and family Required

Questions about engineering

11.11. The show helped me to understand the role that engineering plays in tackling climate change Required
12.12. I learnt something new about engineering Required
13.13. I gained a deeper understanding of what engineers do Required
14.14. I have a better understanding of how engineering improves our lives Required
15.15. I am interested in finding out more about engineering Required

If your child/ relative took part in the CCC! project please can you answer questions 16-18.

If not, please go to question 19.

16.16. My child/relative talked to me about the Climate Change Catastrophe! project. Optional
17.17. My child/relative enjoyed the Climate Change Catastrophe! project Optional
18.18. My child/relative has talked to me about climate change since taking part in the project in school Optional

And finally....

Thank you for taking part in this survey. The answers you provided will be very useful in providing feedback to Cap-a-Pie and the engineers at Newcastle University.

If you have any questions about the information you have provided please get in touch with either Ulrike Thomas ( or Newcastle University’s Data Protection Officer (Maureen Wilkinson, 

Newcastle University is the data controller and you can find out more about how it uses your information at

By clicking Finish you are agreeing to Ulrike Thomas using your annonymous survey answers in the evaluation of the Climate Change Catastrophe! project.